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Craft A Unique Masterpiece With Our Diamond Painting Kits!

What is diamond painting?

Diamond Painting is simply put a nice painting that you build yourself. It’s addictive, fun and easy!

OK, how does that diamond painting stuff work?

If you've ever done mosaics or paint-by-numbers, you'll understand immediatly. Diamond painting uses tiny diamonds / rhinestones to make colorful patterns and designs for paintings that sparkle. Tree-steps only are needed to apply the diamonds - enter a relaxing, meditative state, and get hours of enjoyment as you draw your design. You'll be using the supplied pick-up pen, and matching the different codes, you'll apply the corresponding coloured gems to the correct pixels on the canvas. Go on and apply every gem until the picture is done... easy!

Each painting kits include: one printed canvas, as many coloured gems (beads, drills) as needed, one pick-up pen, one bead tray and of course easy to follow instructions.

You don't have to worry, everything you need to complete your diamond painting is included in the kit you'll receive! Easy!

General Diamond Painting Kits

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